Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plain 'Ole Grilled Cheese

In honor of National Grilled Cheese month I had to pay my respects!  Truth be told I really don't like cheese except for Mexican restaurant queso. Every once in a while I can go for a slice of American cheese, so I guess yesterday was my "every once in a while."

This could possibly be the cheapest dinner ever!

-2 slices of white Kroger brand bread ($.88/loaf)
-1 slice of Kroger brand cheese ($1.79/24 slices)

-Butter two slices of bread.
-Spray your pan with Pam.
-Throw in your bread, cheese, and other piece of bread.
-Flip when desired "grilledness" is achieved.

This grilled cheese looks like it was made by my 3 year old nephew. Oh well, Ben ate the whole thing.

I made myself a different version because I had two rolls left over from Sunday's dinner.
And here is my version of a mini-grilled cheese.  I'm all cheesed out for a while!


Kelly said...

Miss Amanda, I had no idea you had this blog too!!! How fun!!! Your apron is super cute, and all of this food looks so yummy!!!! I'm excited to keep reading!

Lindsey said...

Yum! I love a plain old grilled cheese!

TheFancyFritter said...

Ya'll are so cute by having this blog! I love it! lOL

I just went to Good Eats in Bossier for lunch & saw that April was grilled cheese month! How funny!

Brianna! said...

:) New follower!!

I like like like ALOT!