Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beef Wellington

I found this recipe here and it is a must. I probably say that all the time, but this was really grand. Even Ben liked the Beef Wellington despite being a meat and potatoes only kinda guy.

I didn’t follow the recipe to a T, but it still turned out wonderful! Here are my notes:

-Didn’t have a shallot
-Used a lower grade beef
-Had to improvise Dijon mustard; recipe found here
-Used full sheet of pastry puff

6 oz. button mushrooms
1 small shallot, peeled and roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 small sprig thyme (leaves only)
1/2 Tbsp. butter
1/2 Tbsp. olive oil, plus additional for searing steaks
1/2 sheet of puff pastry (1/4 of the box), thawed
2 filet mignon steaks, about 6 oz. each
2 tsp. dijon mustard
1 egg, beaten
coarse sea salt, for topping

Preheat the oven to 425.

Add mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and thyme to a food processor and pulse until finely chopped.

Add butter and olive oil to a sauté pan and set over medium heat. Add the mushroom mixture and sauté for 8-10 minutes, or until most of the liquid has evaporated.  Season with salt and pepper and set aside to cool.

On a lightly floured surface, roll the puff pastry out to about a 1/4-inch thickness, or until it’s big enough to wrap around the two filet.  Cut into 2 squares.  Poke the puff pastry here and there with a fork.

Rub the filet with a little olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Heat a skillet over medium-high until very hot. Then, place the filets in the pan and cook for 1 minute, flip, and cook for another minute.

Spread 1 tsp. of the dijon onto a square of puff pastry.  Top with 1/2 the mushroom mixture, and then with 1 seared steak.  Brush the outer edge of the puff pastry with the egg and then fold the pastry over the filet (sort of like wrapping a gift). Seal and place seam-side down. Brush the top with the egg, and then sprinkle with sea salt.  Repeat the process for the second filet.

Bake until pastry is golden and steak is done to your liking, 15-20 minutes.

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Lindsey said...

yum!! Was is easy? I need easy. looks delish!

Anonymous said...

It was really easy. The hardest part was waiting for the silly pastry puff to thaw out. The meat was so tender. Lots of flavor!!

Mahmudul Hasan said...

Nice recipe and great tutorial as well. Thanks for the share. I love this recipe and enjoy with ur words!
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