Thursday, June 21, 2012

roasted kohlrabi.

I bought some kohlrabi at the Washington, MO farmer's market. I was eating it raw for the most part until a friend suggested that I roast a batch with some garlic and olive oil.

So I did.

It looks like french fries, but it's totally a vegetables! The roasting gave the kohlrabi a completely different taste. If you ever have the opportunity o purchase kohlrabi - do it!

-One head kohlrabi

-preheat oven to 450
-slice the kohlrabi into french fry like portions.
-toss with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and minced garlic
-roast for 15-20
-remove and serve immediately
-if you're feeling saucy, add a little parmesan cheese to give it an extra kick


Lindsey said...

What is a kohlrabi?

Aprons for Women said...

You're right - it does look like french fries. How does it taste? I have never actually heard of the main ingredient - I"ll have to keep it in mind. We're vegans and are always looking for some good tasting new recipes!